Wishkey Remote Control Drone Aircraft with Helicopter 4CH 6 Axis GYRO LED Light



Price : INR 3359

Insert the smaller aircraft parts placed in the reach of children to avoid accidents. The aircraft motivated, should be the first to fly slowly pushing the remote control left shifter, avoid flight. The result is a rapid increase in collision damage. After the end of the flight, you should turn off the remote control power, then shut down the aircraft approach the vehicle power supply. Do not put the battery temperature, heat the place (near the fire, or electric devices). Note the aircraft to maintain a distance of 2-3 meters and the user or other people when flying, avoid flying aircraft landing, When hit the head, face or the body of others and so on. When the mainpulation of children by adults beside aircraft guidance and control to ensure that the aircraft operator (or instructor) within the line of sight, easy to control. Non-rechargeable battery is not charged, please note the polarity when installing or replacing the battery; not mix old and new or different kind type batteries. Should not use the remote control and the aircraft turned off the power and remove the batteries in the remote control. The power terminals can not short circuit.Please note that this product comes in two colour, random colour will be supplied as per availability of stock.
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