TP-LINK TD-W8961N 300Mbps ADSL2 Wireless with ModemRouter



This modem + router is an all-in-one solution for people looking for a reliable way to share a high-speed Internet connection and access shared files, music, photos, movies and videos, and even printers with multiple computers. This device is equipped with an ADSL2 + modem, a NAT router, a 4-port switch and an N wireless access point at 300Mbps.

Online gaming, Skype conference calls, streaming video and downloading and uploading files ideally require a fast and reliable Internet connection. This device with its 300 Mbps wireless connectivity and 4 megabit LAN ports supports all the work or entertainment of bandwidth-intensive to ensure fast performance and no delays at all times.

Any of you using streaming services such as Netflix or play DOTA 2 online with your friends around the world, it is vital that you have a seamless online gaming experience with no delays. By linking the VLAN port with specific LAN and PVC ports, this device, with its built-in QoS engine that works in conjunction with IGMP, ensures that you can experience a smooth network connection without worrying about traffic congestion.

Firewalls are important as they prevent possible Internet attacks. This device uses NAT and SPI firewalls to inspect the contents coming from the network and guarantees that it has a secure network. In addition, for convenience, you can control the access of guests and children to the content of MAC addresses, IP addresses, domain names and applications such as Facebook Messenger and MSN. Automatic updates to the device firmware and other configurations are also available in your ISP, as well as for quality network management.

You can instantly configure the WiFi connection by simply pressing the WPS button with the Utility function.

You can log in online quickly after the quick and optimized installation wizard and the user interface.

Price : INR 1,790

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