Toshiba Hayabusa 16 GB Pen Drive



Price : INR 308

Add to your collection of storage devices this trendy looking high performance Hayabusa 16 GB pen drive from Toshiba that comes with a whole bunch of incredible features. Toshiba’s Original Security Software The Hayabusa pen drive is in-built with Toshiba’s own security software that allows you to protect a particular block with a password that only permits access to the files and data that are not password protected. This comes handy when you need to share your pen drive with other users while the drive contains your personal data. Fashionable design In a sleek yet trendy design, the drive bears an elegant look with a slim body that sets itself apart from the rest and easily slides into your pocket letting you carry it around not requiring much space. Lowest power consumption Most often the battery power of the notebooks you use drains out due to the use of a flash drive, and to counter this, Toshiba incorporates the latest technologies to minimise the power consumption while using a flash drive. This permits you to use the drive for a longer period without interrupting your workflow. USB 2.0 standard Delivering relatively good speeds of data transfer both ways, this Toshiba Hayabusa pen drive is built with a USB 2.0 interface which is a standard in all PC’s having a size of 12mm width by 4.5mm height.
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