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Tomb Raider is a mega franchise in the world of video games and made the name Lara Croft a common name in the middle of the player community. The game has generated comics, theme park attractions and movies that revolve around Lara Croft and her adventures to find the lost treasure. In both films, the role of Lara Croft was played by the impressive Angelina Jolie, which made the franchise even more popular. The 2013 Tomb Raider is not a continuation of any of the previous games, but it takes us back to the beginning, where Lara is still an inexperienced young woman and circumstances force her to step up to save herself and her companions. The 2013 Tomb Raider is essentially a restart of the entire franchise and introduces us to a young Lara who is trying to find her vocation. Players who have played previous versions or those who love to explore, solve puzzles and play shooting games will enjoy this game immensely. This action and adventure game will thrill players and is played in an open world environment where Lara can run freely. This version of Tomb Raider is developed for PlayStation 3 by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. The game has not yet been rated and is expected to present violence and exciting action that could be suitable for players over 16 years. Synopsis and characteristics Lara Croft is the protagonist in Tomb Raider and this new game focuses on the origins and how she became the adventurous, safe and willing woman who takes risks with mortal enemies and traps to obtain hidden artifacts. This story is an effective prequel to all other parties and starts from the beginning. At 21, Lara has just graduated from the University and is struggling to find her place in the world. She embarks on a boat trip to get away from it all. Misfortune strikes and passengers are shipwrecked and have to leave the ship to survive. A wounded Lara, she wakes up to find herself on a mysterious island and joins other friendly survivors to find her way back to civilization. Create weapons with what you can find and save other things to reach the jungle. Each level presents an open world landscape that must be explored to find supplies, weapons or a good place to rest. Set up a base camp as your headquarters to start hunting and exploring to gain experience points that you can use to improve your shooting skills and create objects from garbage. The survival of the fittest and smartest seems to be the motto of this game in which you have to use all the tricks in the book to train rookie Lara in a complete combat machine. This game for a player is a narrative action game designed to make you feel like a newbie struggling to earn your place in the world. Captain Conrad Roth, a close personal friend of Lara’s father, is the captain of the unfortunate shipwreck. during the game, he plays the role of a mentor and is the link between her and the other allies on the island. They communicate using a walkie talkie and he guides her through some of the missions. This coming of age story has fantastic potential and presents superior graphics that are better than previous editions. The game promises an interesting plot, ingenious riddles, a fantastic story and excellent action.
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