The Burning Forest: India’s War In Bastar



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Starting from 2005 when a government-sponsored vigilante movement, Salwa Judum, killed hundreds and drove thousands of villagers into camps, to the present day when it is the most militarized area in the country, the war in Bastar has taken a heavy toll on the people of Bastar, the security forces, the Maoists and human rights activists. This book chronicles how the armed conflict between the government and the Maoists has devastated the lives of some of India�s poorest, most vulnerable citizens. The fact that Bastar has some of India�s biggest mineral reserves has made the conflict even more intense, and also destroyed the ecology and culture of Bastar. About the Author Nandini Sundar, professor of sociology, Delhi University, and winner of the Infosys Prize for Social Sciences in 2010, has been writing about Bastar and its people for 26 years. Her first book, Subalterns and Sovereigns: An Anthropological History of Bastar (1854-1996), is an authoritative account of Bastar�s colonial and post-colonial past.
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