Social Media By The Minute: A workbook for the over-worked, over-stressed, over-burdened small business-owner who wants to do social media but doesn’t have the time!



This Workbook is designed to help you “do social media” but on your timeframe. It is broken down into 5 minute increments – if you have 5 minutes in a day, start there. If you have 10 minutes, you will take it to the next level, 15 minutes, the next level and so on. The goal is 30 minutes per day on social media for maximum impact on your business. The breakdown looks like this: 5 minutes – Ratings and Reviews Sites and, 10 minutes – Facebook and, 15 minutes – Twitter and, 20 minutes – LinkedIn and, 25 minutes – Pinterest and, 30 minutes – Periscope There are 6 workbook pages per day (for a month’s worth of work) with tips and suggestions, as well as a place to note your activities. Use as needed!

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