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Kane And Abel by Jeffrey Archer follows the lives of two people, Kane and Abel, born on the same day, but on opposite sides of the world and whose destinies are intertwined. Summary Of The Book The story of Kane and Abel begins with their birth on the same day in two contrasting environments. William Kane grows up in a life filled with privilege and opportunity. He graduates from Harvard, and eventually becomes a wealthy banker. After the passing of his father, his mother remarries. Kane’s stepfather turns out to be gambler and womanizer. After his mother’s death, he throws his stepfather out of his home. Abel Rosnovski is orphaned at birth and raised by a family of trappers. Although he grows up in destitute conditions, he has exceptional intelligence. Abel is asked by the Baron to be his son’s companion. After Abel moves into the castle with the Baron and his son, World War I begins. The Germans attack the castle and murder the Baron’s son. Just before the Baron dies, Abel discovers that the Baron is his real father. He is then captured by the soldiers and sent to Siberia. Abel manages to flee to Turkey and there he is rescued by British diplomats, and he eventually moves to the U.S. In the U.S., Abel works as a waiter at the Hotel Plaza during the day, and takes business courses at night. Abel’s hard work and determination is soon recognized by the hotel’s owners, and he is soon appointed as manager. When the Great Depression hits the U.S., the hotel faces many financial hardships, requiring urgent funding from a bank. The hotel owner commits suicide and mentions in a letter that the Kane and Cabot bank refused to help them. Abel promises to seek revenge from the bank. And thus sets forth a chain of events which ultimately changes the destinies of both Kane and Abel. The publishing of Kane And Abel was met with huge international success. It grabbed the number one spot on the New York Times Bestseller List. The book was also turned into a CBS miniseries. The book has sold over 34 million copies till date. About Jeffrey Archer Jeffrey Archer is an internationally recognized, best selling author and playwright, who hails from the UK. Some of his other titles are Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less, The Eleventh Commandment, To Cut a Long Story Short, Twelve Red Herrings, The Prodigal Daughter, and First Among Equals. Archer is a graduate from Brasenose School, at Oxford University. He also dabbled in politics, becoming a Member of Parliament for Louth. After making a poor investment decision which forced him into bankruptcy, Archer began his writing career. His debut novel Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less, became an instant bestseller and set the course for other successful novels. Jeffrey Archer is married to Dame Mary Archer DBE. They have two sons, and reside in the U.K.
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