A Textbook of Electrical Technology : AC and DC Machines (Volume – 2) 1st Revised Edition



Price : INR 344

Electrical technology is a field that covers many divisions of electrical engineering such as basic electrical engineering, electronics, instrumentation, control systems, and communication systems. This volume covers AC and DC Machines. It provides clear explanations and elaborates on every concept related to the subject. Each chapter consists of several examples, exercises, and multiple colorful illustrations as aids to understanding the topics covered. The topics covered in the book are Elements of Electromechanical Energy Conversion, D.C. Generators, Armature Reaction and Commutation, Generator Characteristics, D.C. Motor, Speed Control of D.C. Motors, Testing of D.C. Motors, Transformer, Transformer Three Phase, Induction Motor, Computation and Circle Diagrams, Single Phase Motors, Alternators, Synchronous Motors, and Special Machines. This revised multicolor edition contains a new chapter, Special Machines. Special emphasis has been placed on chapters covering motors. The objective test section has also been thoroughly revised. The book is ideal for students of B.E., B.Tech, A.M.I.E., I.E.T.E., I.E.E.(London), and I.E.R.E. (London).  
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