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A Textbook Of Engineering Mechanics by R. S. Khurmi provides a holistic approach for students who are studying Engineering Mechanics. Summary Of The Book A Textbook Of Engineering Mechanics is a reference book based on physics and deals with the concepts of Applied Mechanics and its application in engineering. The field of applied mechanics is a major part of the mechanical engineering course’s curriculum. A strong grasp of the theoretical subject background is necessary for students to apply the concepts in practical situations. In A Textbook Of Engineering Mechanics, R. S. Khurmi presents a comprehensive guidebook helping students understand the fundamentals of applied mechanics with reference to the engineering syllabus. The subject of applied mechanics is vast, and can be divided broadly into statics, dynamics, strength of materials, deformation mechanics, and fluid mechanics. A Textbook Of Engineering Mechanics covers topics such as composition of forces and its applications, friction, linear motion, projectiles, collision, and hydrostatics. The book contains a large number of solved examples and practice exercises at the end of each chapter to speed up the process of learning. The present version of the book has been thoroughly revised, and contains a lot of pictorial illustrations on the subject matter to aid in efficient and thorough understanding. About R. S. Khurmi Dr. R. S. Khurmi is the leading author of engineering textbooks in Asia, according to UNESCO‘s survey. He is also one of the founding members in the Executive Committee of the Afro Asia Book Council, and has conducted Author Development Workshops all over the world. Apart from this book, his other books include A Textbook of Workshop Technology: Manufacturing Processes and A Textbook Of Refrigeration And Airconditioning. Khurmi‘s books are characterized by a very clear and lucid style of writing so that the reader can grasp the subject matter quickly. His books also contain pictures and illustrations to help the reader understand the concepts clearly. Dr. R. S. Khurmi was born on the 29th of August, 1939, in Sunam, Punjab. He completed his schooling in Sunam and his professional studies from Phagwara and Delhi. His son, who is an engineering graduate and also holds a postgraduate degree in management, assists him in writing and revising his books.
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